Take a look at some of the major features of Knowingo+ and find out how they help you achieve your learning goals quickly and easily


Its unique blend of science, game technology and artificial intelligence, make Knowingo+ a learning platform like no other. At the same time we’ve gone through great efforts to ensure that all of its functionality is easy to use. This helps you get great results in no time at all, whether you are a seasoned learning professional, or a total beginner.


Perhaps the most defining feature of Knowingo+ is its self-learning Artificial Intelligence. Working quietly behind the scenes it analyzes every play session and uses this information to offer everyone a personalized learning experience. It even learns when they are about to forget things, repeating them just in time, so worrying about people forgetting something important is finally a thing of the past.


Knowingo+ helps you make learning fun by gamifying your content. Questions and answers are turned into trivia quizzes, which can be played alone or against colleagues. Players can complete daily quests, increase their level, unlock new titles, earn monthly cups and more. The best part? It’s all automated, Knowingo+ automatically gamifies your content, which means you get the benefits of decades of game development experience, without having to lift a finger.


Everything you need to know about how your users are learning can be seen at a glance on the Knowingo+ dashboard. It gives you insight into play time, learning progress, initial and current knowledge levels and other information to help you drive your learning strategy. Better yet, all this information is updated in real-time, so you can view your learning results live and respond to the needs of your users right away.


Keeping your content up-to-date is key to making sure your learners’ knowledge is current. Our content management system makes sure that editing, modifying, and publishing content can be done in a matter of minutes. Better yet, when new content is added or changed within topics users have already mastered, this content is given top priority in the app. That way, when important changes occur, you can be sure your users will be up-to-date in no time!


When every learner in your organization has different needs, goals, and prior knowledge, Knowingo+ helps you make sure that everyone gets the right learning experience. It helps you to easily segment your population in any way you want; create groups for roles, teams, departments, countries and anything else you can think of. Once you’ve segmented your audience, assigning everyone the right learning content is as easy as dragging and dropping.


We firmly believe that Knowingo+ should play well with all your other software. In fact, every action that can be performed manually in Knowingo+, whether it’s inviting users, adding content or changing learning paths, is also available through our Open API. This makes it easy to integrate Knowingo+ with just about any other software package. Want your Slack bot to announce the top learners of this week? Link accounts to your HR system? Match sales data with learning results? With the Knowingo+ API the sky is the limit!


If you’d like to know or see more, we’re always happy to walk through a live demo together and take a look at how Knowingo+ could help you get measurable results and solve your learning challenges.