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For Everyone

Knowingo makes sure that every employee in your organization knows the most important facts they need to do the best job they can!

Makes Learning Fun

Knowingo plays like a trivia game and is just as fun and easy to use. Level up, earn skill points, complete challenges and quests, and learn something new!

Visible Results

With Knowingo’s in-depth analytics, you have all the tools you need to help take your employee’s knowledge to the next level!

What our customers think of Knowingo

Ad Nederlof

Chairman of the
Vanad Group

When we get new agents in our call centers, our main concern is getting them to a certain level of knowledge as quickly as possible. Knowingo not only gets them there, but it shows us exactly how much they’re learning and at what pace. We can now assign our agents to projects with certainty!

Frances Kosters

Partner Program Manager

Product knowledge is instrumental to our sales process, and when it comes to getting our (re)sellers up to speed nothing beats the results we obtained with Knowingo. Getting the right knowledge out there, along with other sales initiatives helped us boost sales in our pilot region by 50% in just 6 months.

Graham Levinson

CEO Europe

We have over 300.000 security guards to train, this means our people spend millions of hours in classrooms each year. With Knowingo, those boring classroom sessions are becoming a thing of the past and our people can spend their time doing what they do best.

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