Discover the smartest learning platform for your employees

Knowingo is a mobile learning platform for employees that enables measurable return on knowledge through gamification powered by AI.

It allows your employees to become more knowledgeable about their profession in a fun and effective way.

Gamification powered by AI ensures a personalized learning experience for all your employees. Track and measure your employees' learning progress.

Knowingo App topics interface and in game screenKnowingo App topics interface and in game screen

Measurable return on knowledge

Knowingo provides live data and statistics on the knowledge level of your employees on different topics.

Look at the numbers below for one of our call center clients in the Netherlands!


More calls handled

Knowingo helps employees learn and remember vital knowledge, making them far more productive


Shorter onboarding

Knowingo helps you achieve your employee's potential quicker and more efficiently


More upsell opportunities

Knowingo turns employees into ambassadors who tell your story and help your company sell

Helps you get learning done

For learning professionals Knowingo includes a cloud-based suite of tools that make it a breeze to manage your content and your users. Assign learning material and get live feedback on their learning progress and results.

Make sure your users never forget a thing. Continuous certification gives you insight into exactly how long what has been learned will be remembered and makes sure it is repeated in time.

Stop worrying about content issues. AI powered learning analytics help you spot errors and complexity in your content, as well as understand misconceptions in your audience so you can fix issues and roll out new material to fill the gaps.

Know where your experts and high potentials are! Expertise mapping helps you zoom in on experts across a combination of topics and even find high potentials that could grow into experts in time, all without even getting up from your seat.

Meet our clients

Penta Hotels

Following the initial COVID-19 lockdown, a need arose to retrain all employees of Penta Hotels on safety, best-practices, and hygiene measures.

Using Knowingo’s intelligent mobile learning and gamification approach, employees from 27 locations across the world were quickly able to play various topics. HR Managers noticed a remarkable spike in training engagement as 800 employees were enjoying playing and learning in their own time.

With just 14 minutes on average per employee, 140.000 questions have been answered and Penta’s knowledge grew by 280% in just two weeks.


After a highly successful pilot, PostNL proceeded with a full adaption of the Knowingo platform as a solution to shorten the onboarding process and call handling times. The results show up to 43% shorter onboarding processes and 55% more upsell opportunities!

Get inspired!

This video explains the power of Knowingo in just a few minutes.

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