“Knowingo Service” – The Knowingo Learning Platform, App and Dashboard.

“Knowingo Support” – Any support, guidance or implementation advice offered by Knowingo’s staff.

“Standard Content” – The standard available and freely provided COVID19 content (or other content) created by the Knowingo team.

“Limited Free Access” – The provided free access to the Knowingo Service and the Standard Content, available for any organization, for the sole purpose of stopping further spreading of the coronavirus (COVID19), and mitigating the resulting business impact. This is based on Knowingo Standard edition. Knowingo Support maybe offered on Knowingo’s own discretion.

“Client” – Any officially registered organization or Knowingo partner that makes use of the Knowingo Service, Standard Content or Support under this Limited Free Access.

“User(s)” – Any individual (internally or externally) related to a Client that uses the Knowingo Service, Standard Content or Knowingo Support.


Knowingo is making its intelligent learning platform freely available for any organization, for the sole purpose of stopping further spreading of the coronavirus(COVID19), and mitigating the resulting business impact. By more efficient and effective COVID19 knowledge transfer, organizations can make their employees more aware and knowledgeable on organizational COVID19 protocol, processes and other related advice that may protect employees’ safety and health

Standard Content

For the purpose of general COVID19 awareness, Knowingo has created Standard Content based on respectable public sources from the WHO (https://www.who.int}), the CDC (https://www.cdc.gov), RIVM (https://www.rivm.nl) and others.

Despite our best efforts to keep the Standard Content accurate and regularly up-to-date, in no way whatsoever does Knowingo offer any guarantee about the correctness or completeness of the Standard Content, and as such, cannot be held accountable for any damages, directly or indirectly, through the use of this Standard Content or the Knowingo Service. We offer the Standard Content without any warranty, and as of such, no rights can be derived from this.

Knowingo holds the right to complement, edit or delete Standard Content at any time. Knowingo cannot be held accountable for any damages following from editing, complementing or deleting of Standard Content.

Knowingo does not offer medical advice. The Standard Content is in no way meant togive (personal) medical advice and does not replace any form of medical consultation.

The Client and its Users are self-responsible for the use of information given in the Standard Content.

Terms of Service

By accessing the Knowingo Service and creating an account, as well as using our Standard Content, the Client and its Users agree with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Data Processing Agreement, and this Disclaimer. This Disclaimer serves as an addendum to the Knowingo Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement. These documents are available online and upon request.

Should Client and Users of an existing agreement consume Standard Content, then this Disclaimer will apply with regards to the Standard Content, but also to any additional Users that are granted access under the Limited Free Access, but are not covered by the existing agreement.

As part of this Limited Free Access, the Knowingo Service and any Support is based on best effort only, that is reasonably permitted by the Knowingo Service, Support and staff at any time. No rights can derived or claims made with regards to service levels or possible deliverables by the Knowingo Service or Support.

Knowingo reserves the right to accept or deny any organization or its employees access to the Knowingo Service or Standard Content, should this prevent Knowingo in any way to continue to perform its normal business operations.

Knowingo reserves the right to delete any Client account and/or Users with a 30 day notice period provided, where notice is sent by email to the Client email address provided upon registration, or without notice, should there be 30 days of non-activity. This includes all related data.

Knowingo is not available for individuals or consumers. Knowingo reserves the right to delete any created account on the Knowingo Service, and its data, on the suspicion of being used for personal purposes.