The Knowingo Platform

The Knowingo employee training platform is a smart way to get your employees learning, boost their knowledge and get detailed insights into learning & development through your organization.

Continuous learning

The power of Knowingo

  1. Make sure employees learn what really matters
  2. Make learning fun, effective and measurable

Knowingo's mission is to revolutionize the way people learn in organizations around the world, and, most importantly, to make your business more successful and efficient. We help you save money and time on onboarding processes, learning and development training, and we reduce your teams' costly mistakes!

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Forget about forgetfulness

Using a mobile employee training software is the best way to deal with forgetfulness.

The science behind Knowingo revolves around the concept of 'continuous learning'. This means that just as you're about to forget something you've learned, a Knowingo notification will pop up on your phone to remind you it's time to get brainy!

This makes sure you retain the knowledge long-term and never forget what really matters.


Knowingo is the result of decades of game development experience, right at your fingertips. Questions and answers are turned into trivia quizzes, which can be played alone or against colleagues.

By integrating microlearning principles with gamification, we make learning fun and motivate employees of all skill levels.

As they progress on their learning journey, the platform rewards players with stars, difficulty levels, and certifications.

Your employees will be showing off what they've learned in no time!

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Artificial intelligence

Knowingo uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to personalize the learning journey of each user. Based on their initial knowledge, the AI determines each person's scoring objectives. In fact, it will always present them with questions that match their skill level and challenge level. This allows constant knowledge improvement over time.

The AI also predicts when each user is about to forget something they have learned. This feature will require them to go through the learning material again, strengthening their memory retention in the long term.

Our gamification powered by AI is carefully programmed to turn your employees into experts in their field.

Easy content creation

Creating questions

Questions are the core of the Knowingo learning experience. Every question achieves its learning objective and teaches each player one important fact.

Our platform makes creating content incredibly easy. Just follow the instructions to create the perfect Knowingo content that suits your organisation's needs.


Topics are created to benefit each and every one of your employees. Divide your training material into different topics and assign them to the right teams. This allows you to ensure a truly individualised learning experience for all.

Getting started

Content Creators and Customer Success Managers are here to help you get started and take your employees' learning journey to the next level. Our staff can help you get on board and ready to launch by providing workshops on content creation, dashboard management, and question analytics. Empowering you to make the change you want to see within your business.

We always strive for a collaborative and uplifting approach, so expect our team to consult with you and your managers to advise on which topics would suit your organisation best. Keeping you in the loop at all times.

Knowingo Dashboard creating and managing questions

Continuous certification

User certificates

When our Artificial Intelligence determines that one of your employees has mastered a topic, that employee will become certified. Once the certificate is earned, the AI keeps monitoring the employee’s knowledge level, prompting them to play whenever their memory starts fading.

Knowledge is subject to change, and so is our artificial intelligence Improvements or deterioration in one’s skill level will be picked up by AI, which will consequently prompt our users to play more or less frequently.

Knowingo’s continuous certification system makes sure knowledge sticks and information doesn’t get lost in time.

Knowingo Dashboard user certification detailsKnowingo Dashboard user certification details

Company-wide statistics

The company-wide certificate statistics allow you to keep track of the certification status of your organization.

For example, our live reports:

  • Show which departments are on track for certification
  • Show which topics your teams are getting certified on
  • Allow team leaders to keep an eye on which certifications are about to expire

Learning analytics

Quality insights

With Knowingo you get access to your Live Dashboard and quality insights. These provide a bird view of:

  • The employees’ knowledge and how this has increased
  • How many questions they have mastered
  • How much time they have spent on the app
  • Their overall learning progress.

You will also get information about what your employees find easy, difficult, and impossible to grasp. Showing what your employees are struggling with gives you the possibility to better support them.

Quality insights also provide:

  • Detailed reports on common misconceptions before they cause serious issues
  • The ability for you to correct errors in your learning material
  • Help for you to make sure everyone has the right knowledge.

In short, our insights allow you to tailor your future onboarding processes and learning opportunities, creating a well-informed and up-to-date workforce that will save you money.

Expertise mapping

Identify your experts

Expertise mapping is about finding the experts in your organisation, people that push your business further and help you achieve your company goals. This will help you allocate the best people to the right projects and improve your overall business operational structure

You'll be able to tell who are the most committed and dedicated employees with a simple click, making sure you avoid losing key talents in your teams.

Check out the leaderboard of your employees anytime you want.


Cloud intelligence

Worrying about people forgetting something important is finally a thing of the past.

Our AI makes sure that your employees retain their knowledge and are motivated to learn more.

Gaming elements

Knowingo automatically gamifies your content which makes learning for work FUN.

Trivia quizzes, leaderboards, levelling up, conquering achievements. These are all elements that make the Knowingo experience fun to play.

Easy content management

Editing, modifying, and publishing content can be done in a matter of minutes.

Our content management system is intuitive and user friendly. Create topics, background info, questions, and possible answers. It’s that easy!

Live dashboard

All your employees’ knowledge statistics on one dashboard!

Our Live Dashboard shows real-time data about the status of the knowledge level of your employees and more.

Targeted learning

Get bite-sized learning that focuses on what is important.

Knowingo stays away from long traditional e-learning solutions that take unnecessary resources and time from your company and employees. Instead, our micro-learning solution focuses on providing the most vital knowledge and retaining it in the long term.

Open API

Easy implementation of Knowingo into your existing software.

We firmly believe that Knowingo should play well with all your other software. In fact, every action that can be performed manually in Knowingo, whether it’s inviting users, adding content, or changing learning paths, is also available through our Open API.