Our 2017 Autumn Release Hits the Stores Today!

November 22, 2017 News
Autumn Release Image

As more and more Pioneers join our platform, we gain valuable information on how Knowingo+ is helping its players learn and how long they manage to hold on to their new knowledge. Thanks to this we’ve been able to develop a brand new feature called Continuous Certification, which helps you get knowledge in players’ heads, and keep it there, easier than ever before.

Certification & you!

Continuous Certification gives learners the opportunity to earn an official stamp of “Knowing it” next to any Topic in their learning plan.

On the one hand, a certificate in Knowingo+ means the same thing a certificate in any other program does: You can trust that the one certified has demonstrated that they have mastered a Topic. On the other hand, our Certificates are very different. They won’t last any longer than your knowledge will showing exactly how long you’ll remember enough to stay certified and reminding you to practice before your certificate expires.

In other words, Certificates provide you with an idea of exactly what every single User knows right now and how long this knowledge will last. Our introduction of Continuous Certifications is going to give both you and your players complete clarity as to what people know and for how long.

If you see that little blue ribbon, you know your knowledge is good!

With this new feature, you can also set deadlines for your Topics so your learners know exactly what you want them to learn and by when.

In our new Learning Plan, which replaces the old Learning Paths, you can start assigning Topics to Groups as either Mandatory or Optional content.

Whenever you assign a Topic as Mandatory for a Group, Players will see the content towards the top of their Topic list in their app. You will also be asked to set a deadline by which a certificate should be obtained, which will help your players to prioritize their time in the app. Players will also be encouraged to keep their knowledge of these Topics up-to-date via visual cues of their progress, push notifications, and (if all else fails) emails.

Those Topics that are ‘nice to know,’ but may not necessarily be worth the time and commitment required to earn a certificate, can be added as Optional. When Topics are added as Optional, these Topics will be displayed below the Mandatory Topics in the app as Recommended Topics. Players will be able to earn certificates in Recommended Topics just the same!

But wait… There’s more!

Continuous Certification is disruptive in its own right, but we didn’t stop there with this release! Knowingo+ Players will also be treated to a new and improved Quest and Challenge system.

We’ve redesigned our Quests to be more engaging, relevant, and fun than ever! Introducing brand new Quest types that are specifically designed to challenge your players, make the learning experience even more fun and keep them coming back for more.

Additionally, players will now be able to Challenge their colleagues in any Topic they want to practice! Entering Challenge Mode takes players to a list of the Topics where Challenges are available. Players choose the Topic they want to play, and our system matches them with just the right opponent for them.

And for those of you that just picked up that brand new iPhone X, we’re happy to report that our new release has you covered!

Ready to Get Started?

We can’t wait to see what you’ll do with our Autumn Release! Let us know how you’re using Certification in your organization, and how it’s changing the way you do learning at work. If you have any questions or comments about rolling out Continuous Certification in your organization, feel free to reach out at support@knowingo.com.