Our 2017 Summer Release is Live!

May 31, 2017 News

Our Dev team has been on fire lately!

We’re back with a new update for the summer. That means new features, new improvements, and a new, fresh look.


Introducing: Question Review

This summer, we’re excited to introduce Question Review— the new way Knowingo+ is stamping out misunderstandings as soon as they rear their ugly heads. For those particularly tricky questions that require a little bit more information to really understand, we created Question Review.

This feature will allow you to reflect and gain a better understanding of the content you may be struggling with. If your learning managers choose to flip the switch on Question Review, you will be able to reflect on your performance with specific background info presented to you at the moment you need it most.


What Else is New?

Question Review isn’t the only update that’s coming to Knowingo+. Check out some of the other cool updates from both the game and the Dashboard!

Introducing More Avatars

We’re excited to welcome 6 new avatars into the Knowingo+ avatar family! Now with accessories and their own unique styles, you can choose from even more cool avatars to play as.

Even the original avatars received make-overs and have a fresh, new look.


A New Login Screen

We updated the login screen to match our new, fresh visual style. Logging in to Knowingo+ just got easier, and more welcoming.

New on the Dashboard:

For the learning managers, we’ve got some exciting new updates for you too! Along with the app, we threw in a few improvements to update the Dashboard too.

Enabling Question Review

Any questions in which require a little bit extra information can now be provided in the Question section of the dashboard. Simply flip the switch on the questions you have background info on like so:


Fill in the relevant background information in these fields to help clarify the logic behind each answer. You can also upload an image to accompany the text in these fields, to bring your content to life and provide extra clarity to your questions.


With the addition of breadcrumbs, getting work done on the Dashboard just got simpler. Navigating the Dashboard, tracking your work, and orienting yourself on the Dashboard is easier than ever.

Extended Playtime

Playtime limits are a feature that helps your employees know when it’s time to take a break. These limits are put in place to ensure that learners don’t fatigue themselves with too much learning, too fast.


We made a few tweaks to the playtime limits so enable your learners more freedom with how much learning they can do in a day. With these new playtime limits, your learners will be able to play several times per day, even if they reach their playtime limit. When learners reach their daily limit, instead of being locked out of the app for the entire day, they only have to wait a few minutes before they are able to play again.

That’s it for the update, so let’s make this season the Summer for learning! If you have any further questions about this update, send us an email to support@knowingo.com.