New Release – Introducing Play Credits

August 9, 2017 News

One of the biggest problems with learning today is the amount of time that is wasted on ineffective training. We’ve made it pretty clear where we stand on this issue. That’s why we strive to beat out all other knowledge and learning tools by taking measures to ensure that no time spent in Knowingo+ is time wasted.

One of our first attempts at addressing this problem showed huge boosts in knowledge retention of Knowingo+ players. We achieved this by moderating the amount of time all learners spent in the app and limiting unproductive time. After that point, players would be unable to play any quizzes or challenges for the rest of the day.

While the system worked, this new system addresses and solves the same problem in a more fun and effective way. Not to mention, this system enables learners to visually track their daily learning progress! Introducing: Play Credits.

What to Know about Play Credits

Play Credits really affect how your players interact and learn with Knowingo+, so there are a few things you should know:

  • This system of Play Credits will replace our current ‘Playtime Limit’ system which limited the amount of time a player could spend learning with Knowingo+ daily
  • Players will have a set amount of Play Credits to spend on games in Knowingo+
  • Play Credits will replenish as time goes by

How Play Credits Work

Every player receives a set number of Play Credits, these Play Credits are required to play a game or challenge in Knowingo+. Play Credits recharge as time goes by, so when a player is out of credits all they have to do is put down the app for a few hours and wait for them to recharge.

The main purpose of the Play Credit System is to ensure that every moment players spend playing Knowingo+ is worthwhile. Every learner will reach a point where they simply cannot learn any more at that moment. It’s at that moment that the player needs to take a break from the game and let what they learned really sink in. Any more learning done beyond that point will simply be a waste of time. With Play Credits, Knowingo+ makes sure every minute of learning time is well spent.

Do you have Specific Learning needs?

Despite the clear learning benefits of this new system, we understand that every organization has different learning needs for their employees, and we’re committed to working with you in creating your ideal learning environment. Contact your Knowingo+ partner, or write us at and we will help set up your Play Credit system in the way that works best for you.