How Smart Learning Solutions Can Help the Aviation Industry With Safety & Compliance

What if you could train your staff more efficiently while paying less? Or mitigating huge health and safety risks through highly effective knowledge transfer and vastly superior retention? eLearning has evolved to offer great value to the aviation industry in many ways. Let’s explore the benefits of eLearning and how it can help the aviation industry with safety and compliance. Are you ready to take employee training to the next level?

Tranquil airline captain standing by the airplane

Training shouldn’t feel like a burden, it should be fun!

Let’s start with a very simple fact. eLearning saves organisations time and money. There is no need for employees to travel to a physical training center. eLearning can be done on the go from anywhere, at any time, utilising your smart phone. This way your employees do not have to spend time and money to travel to onsite training – which means less time is spent away from the job.

Besides the flexibility eLearning solutions offer, gamification elements make the learning experience fun and engaging. This makes learning feel less like a task, and more like a fun game.

Knowingo is delivered via your workforce’s mobile devices, in a stimulating, gamified manner that doesn’t feel like work. After all, it’s how humans learn so rapidly – through play.

Airport employee using his mobile phone to train while he is on the job.

Keeping up with changing regulations

What about constantly changing rules and regulations? eLearning platforms make it easy to update old content and create new content that addresses the changes in regulations.

These can then be broken down to an atomic level so employees are oriented towards the changes specifically instead of having to comb through large amounts of information in textbook format, most of which may not be relevant for them at that moment.

This way of learning is much more effective than the expensive traditional classroom training that takes months to complete and hardly has a way of measuring the knowledge gained.

Let mistakes be a learning experience

Digital Information World states that eLearning can be used for more than just improving flight crews' cognitive and operational abilities. It’s also proven to be efficient in improving response time, impulsive judgments, self-defence, and emotional intelligence during bad situations occurring on the job.

In a study released by Baycrest Center in the journal Memory, findings show that people remember information better by initially making mistakes or errors. This means feedback can be an important part of the learning process.

Aircraft personnel using his mobile phone to train. With Knowingo he can learn anywhere any time.

Managing employee knowledge? Easy!

Smart learning platforms such as Knowingo guarantees knowledge consistency – while also making it a lot easier to control what your employees are learning.

You can track all progress via a powerful yet simple dashboard that offers live stats and updates, generate in-depth reports and insights, and third-party software can be integrated easily, too. Certification status and learning plans of employees can be monitored and managed in a matter of seconds!

Let AI do the reminding for you

Imagine not needing to manually pull data and export reports to see which employees need to complete their mandatory work trainings. With Knowingo, it is automatic! The platform notifies employees about their progress and upcoming deadlines right on time! Meanwhile, you can focus on other things rather than manually sending emails to your staff.

The content you easily input is served to users based on their skill levels, while AI also assesses attention spans and prompts learning at the right time to avoid forgetting vital knowledge. Repetition is delivered at precise intervals, and retention is fully measurable and quantifiable.

Pleased airline employee gazing at something in the distance

eLearning can improve job performance by 15-25%

Traditional training methods require learners to digest large amounts of information in a classroom setting. Delilah Bryant states in ‘’Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) of Corporate eLearning’’ that well-executed eLearning is not only faster than classroom training, but people also remember more of what they have learned for longer periods of time and they can use this knowledge to improve their job performance by 15-25% over traditional training methods.

Because information is retained better and longer, employees are less likely to make mistakes that could create potential safety hazards, reputational damage, or result in hefty fines.

Infographic showing the increase in human error in causes of aviation accidents

Accidents in aviation are not common, but when something does happen, it’s catastrophic and widely covered by media worldwide. Boeing states in an article that 80% of airplane accidents are caused by human error, and only 20% are caused by equipment failures.

No matter how advanced the technology, the human element is almost impossible to control. People can make mistakes and the only way to prevent this is through extensive training.

Final Remarks

The concept of online learning solutions has long moved past the experimental stage. It is increasingly being adopted as a strategic asset by organisations from many different industries and sizes. According to Statista, the global market size of the corporate eLearning industry was estimated at $17.2 billion US dollars and is expected to reach a value of over $37 billion US dollars by 2026.

With Knowingo you can create training that is agile, has a fast rollout, and that will give your employees the ability to respond to the ever-changing mandates affecting your organisation with quick and effective gamified training to ensure the safety of crew and passengers, the reduction of potential: accidents, lawsuits, millions of dollars in fines, and major reputational damage.