How do I sign up for a Knowingo+ account?

First, make sure your organization has a Knowingo+ account! Ask the person in your organization in charge of learning, or human resources if they are using Knowingo+. If they do, they can create an account for you to get you started!

Can I play Knowingo+ offline?

Yes! You can play Knowingo+ anytime, anyplace. An Internet connection is only needed to sync when new content is added. 

How do I add a user to Knowingo+? How do I know if they have accepted the invite?

Go to the Users section of your dashboard. In this section, you will see a list of all your active users and two links: Invite user and Import user. Use the Invite button to send invites one-at-a-time and import to invite many users at once. Once the user is listed in the ‘active’ users tab, you’ll know that they received the invite and have downloaded the game.

Why haven’t my users received their Knowingo+ invites?

It’s possible that your servers are blocking ours from delivering the emails or is sending them to the spam box. Unfortunately, this is not something we can control on our end. Please allow and through your spam filters to prevent this from happening.

I got an invite to join Knowingo+, but the link takes me to a 404 error. What gives?

Invitations are generated with a unique activation code which is disabled when a user activates their account. If you’re seeing this message, then the account linked to this email address has already been created. Use the Forgot password? feature if you don’t remember which password you used to create the account with.

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